DEM Dental Equipment Manufacturer is an innovative British Dental Equipment Manufacturer specialising in export of rotary dental products worldwide.

DEM follows Great Britain’s tradition of resourcefulness and innovation. We harness decades of experience in the practical application of the latest technology.

DEM manufactures a carefully-selected range of products which aim to address common challenges in dentistry. In this way we hope to bring confidence, comfort and satisfaction to dental practitioners and patients.

Thank you to all our friends and clients who visited us at our booth in the UK Pavilion at

IDS 2019


Consistently Raising Standards

We work to demanding standards.

At Dental Equipment Manufacturer we take care to listen to dental professionals from around the world, and to keep abreast of new developments in dentistry.

We are constantly seeking improvements to make our products:

  • smarter
  • faster
  • more efficient
  • more user-friendly
  • long-lasting
  • more cost-effective

In this way we aim to:

  • increase the dentist’s and patient’s confidence in the procedure
  • render the procedure more comfortable for dentist and patient
  • reduce treatment times
  • improve the success rate of the procedure
  • keep costs down

Design Improvements

Dentists around the world appreciate the attention-to-detail in DEM’s products:

 We never take anything for granted. We’re constantly tweaking product design to improve performance. Our mission is to deliver the smartest possible dental equipment to discerning professionals. We hope dentists will love using it. Joe Miller R&D Manager

Cost-Effective Products

We all know that time is money. Using DEM’s efficient products has helped me to fit more patients into each treatment session. Dr Chloe Arnold

The Current DEM Dental Range Includes:

  • PPE: VirusVisor™ Face Protection Visor
  • DEM Dental Burs: a long-lasting, fast-operating reliable range of diamond and carbide FG dental burs
  • DemPex™ Apex Locator: a convenient hand-held, electronic root canal apex locator
  • DemDetectImplant Detector: a novel ergonomic instrument to quickly and easily pinpoint the location of submerged implants

Outstanding Customer Service

Our Customer Service team led by Lucy Sherringham is dedicated to providing outstanding service at all times.

For further information please contact Lucy Sherringham

We look forward to hearing from you.