DemPex™ Apex Locator

DemPex™ Apex Locator is a convenient hand-held, precise, portable and user-friendly electronic device for use in root canal treatments.

Fitting snugly in the hand, this instrument helps the dental practitioner to perform the endodontic procedure with greater confidence, speed and safety.

It enables highly accurate determination of the position of the apical foramen in wet and dry canals.

It determines the precise working length of the root canal.

DemPex™ is powered by a single AAA 1.5V alkaline battery. It uses the frequency-impedance method, and proprietary algorithms to locate the apical foramen.

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Dempex™ Features

  • Reliable, fully automatic measurements
  • Convenient, compact, lightweight ergonomic design for hand-held operation
  • Sturdy, weighted cradle holds the unit conveniently
  • Feedback from Visual display, with numerical values from 2.0 to FO (Foramen Over)
  • Audio feedback, activated in parallel with progression of the file; volume control has four settings, mute, low, normal, high
  • Full-colour LCD display screen
  • Automatic shut-down after 5 minutes without use
  • Demo function: effective for training
  • Test feature: checks connections for safe operation
  • Essential accessories are included, at no extra charge (see below)

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Contents of the DemPex™ Kit

RRP: £999

  • Dempex™ Apex Locator x 1
  • Cradle x 1
  • Measuring Cable x 1
  • Touch Probe x 1
  • File Clips x 2
  • Lip Clips x 5
  • AAA 1.5V Alkaline Battery x 1
  • Screwdriver (for battery compartment) x 1
  • User Manual x 1
Touch Probe

Sensitive, accurate electronic touch probe

Measuring Cable

For reliable, accurate Apex Locator measurements

Lip Clips

Ergonomically designed to hold cable securely in position

File Clips

To hold the endodontic file of your choice

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DemPex™ Specifications


Width x Height x Thickness

55 x 92 x 16 mm

2.16 x 3.62 x 0.63 inches

Power Supply:

AAA 1.5V alkaline battery x 1


100 g

0.22 lbs

Type of Screen:

Custom Colour Graphic LCD

Screen Dimensions:

Height x Width

51 x 38 mm

2 x 1.5 inches


The DEMPEX™ Instructions for Use File (PDF, 1 MB)

Click for file:


PPE: VirusVisor™ Face Protection Visor
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