DemDetect™ Implant Detector Kit

The field of implantology grows steadily. Implants of all types are more readily available. Initially, the dental practitioners offering implants specialised in the field. Today, increasing numbers of general dental practitioners perform implant procedures. The DemDetect™ Implant Detector is designed to help even the less experienced dentist to locate a submerged implant with confidence. The Implant Detector not only saves time and reduces patient discomfort, it also reduces the risk of infection.

Usually, the first step of the implant procedure is to submerge the foundation of the implant as a root replacement into the gum. The gum heals over the foundation. When the patient returns for the next stage of the treatment, the dental practitioner needs to pinpoint the exact location of the submerged implant foundation. The practitioner then makes an incision, and fits the implant into the foundation.

DEM DemDetect™ Implant Detector in Use

The DemDetect™ Implant Detector is a novel battery-operated hand instrument designed to discover the precise location of the implant foundation quickly and easily. The indicator light flashes green when the instrument identifies the location of the implant. The practitioner can then confidently make an incision exactly where required. This instrument saves time and avoids the need for an exploratory incision, with the added risk of infection.

This is the Sherlock Holmes for implant surgeons. It shows me quickly and precisely where the submerged part of the implant actually is. It’s a great help in speeding up treatment time. Professor Edwin Lange

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Contents of the DemDetect™ Kit

  • DemDetect™ Implant Detector x 1
  • Sensor Head x 1
  • Sensor Holder x 1
  • AA alkaline battery x 1

RRP £990

Additional Sensor Heads and Sensor Holders may be ordered.

The DemDetect™ Instructions for Use File (PDF, 1 MB)

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PPE: VirusVisor™ Face Protection Visor
For more information please Contact Lucy Sherringham at DEM.